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News Blog: Tom the Turkey has another run-in with the law

Tom the Turkey has had yet another run-in with law enforcement in Kennesaw. As you may recall, Tom has had a couple of other exploits with the Kennesaw Police Department, in which he blocked traffic and then tried to race the officers.

In Thursday morning’s encounter, Tom settled for taunting officers. We’ll let the fine folks at the Kennesaw Police Department tell the story as only they can. Below is the officer’s description of the encounter.

This morning while patrolling a neighborhood, an officer encountered a large shadowy figure standing in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. As the officer got closer, it became very clear who it was…….Tom the turkey. 

As the officer continued to get closer ole Tom stood his ground and puffed up, as if asking him to stop, so he did.

Tom continued to walk toward the front of the Ford Explorer Interceptor. He stopped directly in front where the officer could not move, Tom stood there for an extended period (possibly attempting to sabotage the vehicle).

Tom made his way to the driver side and gobbled a few times, maybe asking for a rematch with the patrol car. When he was told no and reminded that he had already lost two out of three, he seemed to become aggravated, he gobbled faster, puffed up again and shook his tail feathers.

The officer decided to leave the area to keep Tom from becoming more upset and crossing a line and having to be taken into custody. 

Thursday Thunderstorms

The National Weather Service says thunderstorms are likely this afternoon, with a few of these storms being strong to severe.

The storms will have their greatest impact in the North and Central Georgia regions and should start around 3 p.m.

Below is a map of the area where severe weather is likely.

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