Kennesaw police tussle with turkey twice in one month

The saga of the Kennesaw Police Department and Tom the Turkey added a new chapter Thursday, when the rebellious fowl showed up in a Kennesaw neighborhood.

Kennesaw police first encountered Tom on Jan. 21, when he was caught holding up traffic on Moonstation Road.

The turkey’s second encounter with police occurred yesterday when an officer was dispatched to a neighborhood.

Here is the officer’s description of the event as posted on Facebook.

The caller stated that there was some turkey in dark clothing walking up and down the street looking at the houses, possibly casing the area for a future burglary.

When an officer arrived and made contact, guess who it was……..if you said Tom, you’d be correct!!

When the officer attempted to talk to Tom, it was apparent that he was becoming agitated, he “puffed up” and started talking so fast that the officer could only make out, “gobble, gobble.”

Due to Toms agitated state, a supervisor was requested to the scene.After further investigation and calming Tom down, it was determined that no crime was committed and Tom was only out enjoying the weather.

As the officers were leaving the scene, Tom requested a rematch with the Ford Explorer Interceptor and was reminded yet, again, he was no match for that great power.

While officers are handling the turkey with good humor, the police department is reminding residents that the turkey is a wild animal and may attack if he feels agitated, threatened or cornered. Residents are advised to call authorities and not approach the turkey themselves.

Oh — if you were wanting to see Tom attempting to race against the police department’s Ford Explorer, the video is below.