Everything you need to know about the state’s $100 million Georgia 400 project

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The Gist: The state of Georgia is coming to the aid of commuters stuck in traffic on Ga. 400 to the tune of $100 million. The money will fund what the state calls “bus rapid transit exchanges” on the roadway.

What will the project do?: The project will create new lanes along the 16 mile stretch of Ga. 400 northbound from I-285 to Forsyth County. In addition to these bus-only lanes, the $100 million will pay for four new bus stations.

What’s the timeline: You probably won’t see much progress this year, and you may not see any visible changes next year. You could start to see construction in 2020, and the project should be completed by 2024.

Where does the money come from?: The state will pay for the project using general obligation bonds which will be used by GDOT to plan and purchase property for bus interchanges along the route. Additional money for Fulton County and MARTA to fund infrastructure and operations will be funded through a referendum that is heading to voters.

The Numbers: Here are some of the facts and figures.

  • Once complete, the average motorist on Ga. 400 should see their daily commute improve by 20 to 25 minutes by 2030.
  • On average, 230,000 cars use this stretch of Ga. 400 each day.
  • The project is expected to reduce congestion by 18 percent.

The quotes: As you can imagine, your elected officials have a lot to say about a project of this magnitude. Here are some of their comments.

“This visionary project will enhance the plans for SR 400, one of our state’s most vital corridors for commuters, jobs and freight.”

Gov. Nathan Deal

“Ultimately, this is about keeping our region moving and confronting the gridlock that threatens the continued growth of Atlanta and the entire metro area.”

Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts

“After launching the Fulton County Transit Master Plan Study in 2017 and assessing various transit modes used across the U.S., including site visits to both Dallas and Los Angeles, we all agreed that Bus Rapid Transit would provide the greatest return on investment for Fulton County and Metro Atlanta.”

Fulton County District 1 Commissioner Liz Hausmann

The Burning Question: Will Ga. 400 commuters use bus service?

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