What happened to the benches on Tybee Island’s beach crossovers?

March 9, 2021
1 min read

Residents and visitors to Tybee Island may have noticed that some of the benches built into beach crossovers have gone missing. The city recently shed some light on the missing benches, and unfortunately, they will not be back.

As the city rebuilds the crossovers they must conform with environmental and construction regulations. At many of the crossover locations, the existing structures are impacting sand dune formation and increasing the potential for a storm surge to compromise the dune system. This is a public safety concern.

Each replacement crossover is being constructed in accordance with the Shore Protection Act Standard Permit Conditions for Dune Crosswalks.

As spelled out in Tybee Island’s Letter of Permission from the Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resources Division, all crossovers must be constructed 3 feet above the grade of existing sand dunes. The width of the crossovers cannot exceed 6 feet as measured from the outside posts.

Because the crossovers must meet permit requirements and the benches do not fit into the 6-foot width restriction, they are being removed.

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