Roswell Plans to Make Canton Street Pedestrian-only. Here’s What We Know

May 3, 2023
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Roswell Plans to Make Canton Street Pedestrian-only. Here's What We Know

The Gist: Roswell Mayor Kurt Wilson recently announced plans to close Canton Street to traffic and create a pedestrian-only district in an effort to improve the quality of life and support local businesses.

The initial announcement was met by both praise and concerns from residents and businesses in the area, prompting Wilson to produce a Youtube video explaining the plan and answering questions about it.

The Short-Term Plan: A temporary trial will be conducted during the summer months when traffic is reduced.

The trial will close Canton Street to traffic from Highway 9 to East Alley only on weekends. This trial period will help determine if the pedestrian-only district benefits local businesses and the community.

Wilson says if the temporary trial results in harm to businesses on Canton Street, they will not proceed with the long-term plan.

The Long-Term Plan: The Canton Street District project envisions the creation of a pedestrian-friendly promenade similar to Barcelona’s famous walkways. The first phase involves redesigning the heart of Roswell Park, making it more family-friendly and user-friendly.

Later phases will focus on extending the pedestrian area, ultimately transforming Canton Street into a bustling, pedestrian-only district. The road would be closed to traffic further up than East Alley.

Heart of Roswell Park: As part of the plan, the city, in collaboration with private partners, will redesign the heart of Roswell Park. The goal is to make the park more welcoming and enjoyable for families, enhancing the overall experience for residents and visitors alike.

Parking Concerns: The initial phase will eliminate about 31 parking spaces along Canton Street. However, the city is working on improving parking options in the area, including opening up parking at City Hall and constructing a new parking garage set to open within two years.

What’s Next?: City officials will continue working on related projects aimed at improving walkability, parking options, and access to the historic district. The temporary trial this summer will help guide future plans and adaptations to ensure the success of the Canton Street District initiative.

The Video: You can watch the entire video below for more information on the plan.

About Roswell: Roswell is a city located in North Fulton County, with a population of about 95,000 residents. Education plays a significant role in the community, as 93% of its residents have earned a high school diploma, and 60% have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income in Roswell is $85,000, reflecting a diverse and stable local economy.

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