New Turf Fields Installed at East Roswell Park

New Turf Fields Installed at East Roswell Park

May 24, 2023
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The Gist: Roswell recently completed its first bond program project with the unveiling of the newly renovated turf fields at East Roswell Park.

What Happened?: In a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, May 19, Mayor Kurt Wilson, along with City Council members and city staff, opened the new turf fields to the public. The inauguration featured the first-ever “Battle of the Badges” Kickball Game between Roswell’s Police and Fire Departments, ending in a 4-4 tie.

By The Numbers:

  • East Roswell Park’s turf project involved upgrading two artificial turf fields originally converted from grass in 2013.
  • Field #1, costing $527,900, was funded through Fiscal Year 2023 East Roswell Park Improvements.
  • Field #2, at a cost of $591,170, was funded through the City of Roswell’s Bond Program.

Key Details: The revamped turf fields boast 100% slit-film fibers and a 3-layer infill system, topped with CoolPlay, which offers cooler surface temperatures. They feature new, sturdier fencing and the City logo at midfield. Field #2 has been enhanced with a new lines package to increase the capacity for games and practices.

Why It Matters: Mayor Wilson emphasized the significance of this milestone as the first of many Bond-funded projects that will improve the City’s infrastructure. “We thank Roswell voters for their strong support of the Bond Program and their investment in Roswell’s future,” said Wilson.

What’s Next?: As part of Roswell’s ongoing Bond Program, more projects are slated to kick off in the coming months. To learn more about these initiatives, the community is encouraged to visit the city’s Bond Program website at

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