How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree in Alpharetta

December 28, 2022
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How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree in Alpharetta

ALPHARETTA — Be part of a 32-year tradition of giving a gift to Mother Nature by recycling your natural Christmas tree during the City of Alpharetta’s Bring One for The Chipper event on Saturday, Jan. 7.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. in the parking lot of the Home Depot at 5300 Windward Parkway.

The drop off site recycled 1855 trees last year.

Trees recycled through this event will be turned into mulch by Davey Tree Experts that is donated for use in public playgrounds, parks, local government beautification projects, and even in individual yards. Those who bring a natural Christmas tree to be recycled may also submit a request form available on the City of Alpharetta’s website to request some of the free mulch. If you have Christmas tree lights that you no longer want, bring those along when you drop off your tree — they can be recycled, too.

Alpharetta’s Bring One for The Chipper is part of a statewide effort to reuse natural Christmas trees that has resulted in over 6 million trees being recycled since the program began 32 years ago.

Although the popularity of artificial trees has risen over the years, real trees provide a solution for families and wildlife alike. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, nearly 350 million Christmas trees currently grow on U.S. farms, absorbing carbon dioxide, emitting fresh oxygen, stabilizing soil, protecting water supplies, and providing refuge for wildlife.

For each tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted in its place, making them a renewable resource. When people purchase them, they also support local economies. That environmental stewardship continues when individuals make the choice to recycle their trees.

The program transforms many trees into mulch for playgrounds, city and county landscaping projects, and individual homes. Another popular method: sinking the trees into lakes to create fish habitats.

Alpharetta’s Bring One for The Chipper is coordinated by the City of Alpharetta and the Alpharetta Natural Resources Commission.

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