Gwinnett County makes changes to garbage collection agreements. Here’s why

August 24, 2022
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Gwinnett County makes changes to garbage collection agreements. Here's why
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Citing rising fuel and labor costs, worker shortages, supply chain issues, and a higher volume of trash and recycling, Gwinnett County officials are making changes to the county’s contract with garbage companies servicing the county.

County officials say changes to the agreement will increase payments to haulers and provide them with the resources needed to deliver better services, while holding them accountable for services that are not provided – like missed routes.  

Residential property owners in unincorporated Gwinnett County will see a $22.44 increase in their annual solid waste fee for 2023, but county officials say these increases are not due to the contract changes.

The increase is based on the annual adjustments for fuel costs and Consumer Price Index changes that would have taken effect regardless of the revised agreement.

In addition to the increase, residents will receive a $6.06 credit that will be applied to the annual solid waste fee from liquidated damages assessed to haulers last year. With the credit applied, the annual increase will be $16.38, or $1.37 per month.

The 25% senior discount will continue for qualifying accounts and the County will continue to assess how to best use liquidated damages to benefit residents. 

Here’s a more in-depth look at the performance requirements trash haulers must now meet:

  • Haulers will be required to implement notification systems for missed routes when scheduled routes are not completed
  • Reporting requirements have been enhanced for better performance tracking
  • Specific performance measures and liquidated damages have been added missed collections
  • Standards for failure to correct missed collections and chronic problems have been strengthened
  • Procedures for any suspension of service due to uncontrollable circumstances have been strengthened

Additional costs for 2022 and a portion of the increases for 2023 will be paid from the solid waste fund.

The current agreement expires in June 2026. County leaders are set to revisit the current solid waste management plan to address residents needs within the next 10 years.

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