Stuck in Traffic in Georgia This Morning? Here's Why

Stuck in Traffic in Georgia This Morning? Here’s Why


🚗 The Gist: This morning, Georgia drivers faced hazardous conditions with icy roads in Bartow County and traffic incidents in Fulton and along I-75 South in Cherokee County.

🚧 The Details:

  • In Bartow County, icy conditions were reported on SR 3 Northbound near Kelli Clark Court. Motorists are advised to exercise caution due to the colder temperatures affecting road conditions.
  • In Fulton, an earlier obstruction on I-285 East at Roswell Rd. (mile marker 24.8) involving a crash has been cleared. All lanes are now open, but residual delays may still be present.
  • On I-75 South past Alabama Road. (mile marker 276), a crash led to the blocking of the left shoulder. Police were present on the scene, and drivers were urged to be cautious in the area.

📞 What You Can Do: Georgia residents can report icy road conditions by calling 511. Staying informed and adjusting driving habits according to road conditions and traffic updates is important for personal safety and the well-being of other commuters.

🔍 What’s Next?: The Georgia Department of Transportation will continue to monitor road conditions and provide updates. Motorists should remain alert for any changes in traffic patterns and road conditions, especially during the winter months.

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