DeLesseps Avenue in Savannah is About to Be More Pedestrian-friendly

July 31, 2023
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DeLesseps Avenue in Savannah is About to Be More Pedestrian-friendly

SAVANNAH — DeLesseps Avenue, a prominent road connecting Waters Avenue and Skidaway Road in Savannah, is set to become a more pedestrian-friendly zone, thanks to an ongoing construction project that aims to implement the Complete Streets ordinance.

In a bid to create a more inclusive and sustainable cityscape, the construction project will introduce sidewalks, bike lanes in both directions, and upgraded pedestrian facilities at two traffic signals on DeLesseps Avenue. A crucial part of the project is to improve the road’s drainage system, which is the focus at the moment.

The work involves the widening of the road, but it’s not just about adding more asphalt. The new and improved DeLesseps Avenue will promote different modes of transport, including walking and biking, while also enhancing the infrastructure for better water management.

While the construction work is underway, residents can expect to encounter rolling detours. The local government has expressed gratitude for the community’s understanding and patience during this significant transformation that seeks to connect different parts of the city in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The project also includes upgrades to pedestrian facilities at two significant traffic signals, boosting safety for those traversing the area on foot.

Despite the temporary inconveniences from detours and street closings, city officials see the long-term benefits of a more walkable, bike-friendly cityscape as outweighing these short-term disruptions. The new DeLesseps Avenue will not only be more convenient for residents but also represents a step towards a more sustainable Savannah.

To stay updated on the project’s progress and understand the schedule of detours, Savannah residents can visit the official city website at The city has assured its citizens that regular updates will be posted, ensuring transparency and keeping everyone in the loop.

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