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Death of Atlanta Police Officer at Dangerous Intersection Renews Call for Action in South Fulton


A deadly car crash in South Fulton that resulted in the tragic loss of an Atlanta Police officer has once again put the spotlight on one of Georgia’s most dangerous intersections — Butner Road and Camp Creek Parkway.

South Fulton Residents, frustrated with the lack of action on previous concerns, are now renewing calls for safety improvements.

Atlanta Police Department’s Officer Bennie Hardeman lost his life in the recent devastating incident. Following this event, citizens and local officials have been voicing their distress over what they are calling the Georgia Department of Transportation’s longstanding inaction on safety issues at the intersection.

“I deeply sympathize with all families who have endured the tragic consequences of these accidents. And I’m troubled that my repeated requests for speed studies and protective turn signals at the intersection have resulted in little to no action by GDOT,” said City of South Fulton District 2 Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs.

This particular intersection is notorious for its hazardous conditions, a reputation underpinned by a high rate of accidents. Nearly 40 accidents have occurred in recent years, according to South Fulton Police Department data.

In 2015, a WSB-TV investigation reported 13 accidents within a span of just 30 days.

Residents and officials alike attribute the accidents to speeding, limited sight distances, and drivers not maintaining their lane. Despite these issues having been present for nearly a decade, the response from GDOT has been underwhelming, according to some residents.

Councilwoman Gumbs, who has long championed increased safety measures at this intersection, has called for urgent attention to this matter. She said she believes the consistent rate of accidents has not only reduced trust in the state’s infrastructure, but also heightened the frustration of her constituents.

In addition to her pleas for GDOT to intervene on the state-owned Camp Creek Parkway, Gumbs is also requesting support from South Fulton leaders for reducing the speed limit on Butner Road.

Until there are tangible improvements, she is urging residents to exercise extreme caution when navigating through this perilous intersection.

About South Fulton: The City of South Fulton is home to a population that nears 100,000 residents. Education statistics show that about 40 percent of adults have achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher. On the financial spectrum, data shows the median household income standing at about $65,000.

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