Tom the turkey strikes again

Tom the turkey had another run-in with Kennesaw law-enforcement yesterday. This time the feathered tormenter of the police department was spotted on top of an SUV. Below is the report from Kennesaw Police officers as shared on social media. Today we received

The Sunrise Report: Happy Birthday, Georgia

Good morning, Georgians! It is Friday and we’re heading into the Valentine’s Day weekend. Today marks Day Four of the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Here is some of the news you might be interested in today. Headlines: Tom the Turkey

Kennesaw police tussle with turkey twice in one month

The saga of the Kennesaw Police Department and Tom the Turkey added a new chapter Thursday, when the rebellious fowl showed up in a Kennesaw neighborhood. Kennesaw police first encountered Tom on Jan. 21, when he was caught holding up traffic on