Fayette County Wins Bid for U.S. Soccer’s National Training Hub

December 7, 2023
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Fayette County Wins Bid for U.S. Soccer's National Training Hub

🏟️ The Gist: U.S. Soccer has announced the location of its new National Training Center in Fayette County, marking a significant step in its strategic plan to enhance soccer nationwide.

🌐 The Details: The center, spanning over 200 acres in Trilith, was chosen after a competitive selection process among nine Metro Atlanta locations. Key factors in its selection included accessibility, climate suitability for year-round activities, potential for local economic impact, and community diversity. The facility will be a hub for player development, coaching, and resources for U.S. Soccer members, and aims to integrate with the local community and economy.

🏢 By The Numbers:

  • 200+ acres: Size of the National Training Center.
  • $50 million: Contribution from businessman Arthur M. Blank towards the project.
  • 400+ new jobs: Expected job creation from the center.
  • $200 million+: Estimated investment value.
  • 27: Number of U.S. Soccer National Teams to use the facility.

📚 In Context: The National Training Center is part of U.S. Soccer’s broader ambition to grow the sport across the country. Its proximity to Trilith Studios and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport enhances its appeal. The center will provide facilities for all levels of U.S. soccer, including youth and extended national teams.

🌍 Why It Matters: This project is a significant investment in the future of U.S. soccer, expected to boost player development, provide employment opportunities, and enhance the sport’s popularity.

👷 What’s Next?: The facility’s development will continue, with design plans including numerous soccer fields and extensive indoor courts. A focus on sustainability and ADA accessibility is also prominent. The project’s completion will further cement Georgia’s growing reputation as a hub for soccer in the U.S. A celebration event is planned for December 13 at the Town Stage at Trilith.

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