What's Going on With The Mail in Georgia?

What’s Going on With The Mail in Georgia?


Residents across Georgia are facing serious and frustrating delays in mail delivery slowing down and halting business operations to personal correspondence, and even affecting the processing of utility bills and absentee ballots.

At the heart of the turmoil is the recent restructuring within the United States Postal Service and the launch of a new regional processing and distribution center in Palmetto in February.

The change to the new processing and distribution center in Palmetto is a key element of USPS’s 10-year plan, “Delivering for America,” introduced in 2021.

The Genesis of Delays

The plan was aimed at expediting service nationwide while achieving financial efficiency. However, the transition has not been a smooth one.

Reports have emerged of extensive lines of trucks at the Palmetto center, with some drivers waiting up to eight hours. This bottleneck has resulted in significant delays or outright loss of mail and packages, affecting deliveries across the state and to and from other states.

The Ripple Effects

The repercussions of these delays are far-reaching. Residents and local governments have expressed concerns over absentee ballots for the upcoming primary election, with officials urging citizens to submit their ballots promptly to ensure they are counted in time.

Similarly, small businesses, such as shipping services have advised customers to opt for alternatives like UPS or FedEx due to the unreliability of USPS deliveries.

There have been issues with the delivery of utility bills, leaving residents in limbo and bill collectors frustrated over circumstances beyond their control.

Calls for Accountability

The mounting delays have not gone unnoticed by Georgia’s federal lawmakers. Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, along with representatives from several districts, have voiced their concerns directly to USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Senator Ossoff has been particularly vocal, launching an inquiry into the operational inefficiencies at the Palmetto center. The collective plea from Georgia’s congressional delegation seeks not only answers but solutions to restore reliable mail service in the state.

What Does The Post Office Have to Say?

In response to the growing discontent, USPS has acknowledged the concerns raised by Georgia residents and officials. The organization asserts its commitment to rectifying the current service disruptions and improving mail delivery timeliness. Yet, specific explanations for the delays or detailed plans for resolving the issues remain scarce.

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  1. In other words, blah, blah, blah, while no
    One actually does anything. My utility bills have been arriving, when they arrive at all, well past the “past due” date of the bill. My county water service recently advised me to get my bills online, because they are receiving hundreds of calls from residents in the same situation. I contacted both my senators, ossoff and warnock, and only received a response from ossoff, with a ridiculous form to be filled out that required a “wet” signature. I jumped through the hoops, filled out the form, and zero response. What a complete non shocker. I receive my medications in the mail from the VA, and some are running very low. How can this go on? Dejoke needs to be removed, and whatever the worst possible sentence available should be imposed on the scumbag. Better yet, turn the traitorous piece of shit over to those of us he is fucking over, and let us mete some REAL “justice” to that tRump**humping piece of shit. These delays in the mail have cost us a lot of dollars in late fees. So now, no more trust in USPS. From here forward, I will receive my bills/mail electronically whenever possible. Dejoke has achieved his mission of destroying the USPS, and while as much as I wish to support the USPS, it is costing me money, so to hell with them. And these failures of politicians who do NOTHING to support the citizens are next up for dismissal.

    • Kevin,

      I also wrote to Sen Ossoff. I never had to fill out anything when I contacted my representatives before. This is nothing but B.S. They know that there is a problem – why do WE have to jump through hoops. I received my Comcast bill yesterday April 11th – it was due on the 7th. Numerous time I had to call companies, wait on hold to get the problem taken care of. I had to put several bills on a Credit Card to avoid late fees. They better get this taken care of FAST because we will be stuck having recount after recount at election time. And finally I received an Easter card two days ago that was mailed on March 22 from Kentucky. Now AGAIN they are raising the price of stamps ????? Maybe they need to turn the postal service over to Amazon because Amazon seems to have it together. Or better yet, bring back the Pony Express.

  2. I sent a package on March 16th, 2024 with multiple type items that included a tin of homemade cookies, NOT knowing a change had transpired in the Georgia USPS postal system. This package had markings on it fragile and parishable. You would have thought that these markings would have alerted the center to take like packages and sent them on their way. Also electric and water bills should have been separated and sent as expedited items. Doesn’t anyone there know to sort and do this type of organizing? Do I need to file an insurance claim for this?

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