What is Lake Lanier’s Water Level in January 2024

January 2, 2024
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What is Lake Lanier's Water Level in January 2024

🌊 The Gist: Lake Lanier’s water level has decreased significantly, reaching a six-year low on January 2, 2024, at 1,064.42 feet. That’s 6.58 feet below the full pool level due to persistent drought conditions in Georgia.

📉 The Details: The water level at Lake Lanier as of January 2, 2024, was 1,064.42 feet MSL (Mean Sea Level), which is approximately 6.58 feet below the full pool level of 1,071.00 feet. This level marks a significant drop, reflecting the ongoing drought impacting North Georgia. The last time such low levels were observed was in May 2017.

🌞 By The Numbers:

  • Current level (as of Jan 2, 2024): 1,064.42 feet.
  • Full pool level: 1,071.00 feet
  • Difference: -6.58 feet

🔍 In Context: This decline in water levels is a direct consequence of the worsening drought conditions across the region. The U.S. Drought Monitor reports moderate to extreme drought conditions in Northeast Georgia. The lowering of the lake’s water level has affected both its ecology and recreational use.

⚠️ Why It Matters: The receding water levels have led to environmental stress, especially on the vegetation along the shoreline. Additionally, there’s an increased risk for boaters, as previously submerged hazards are now closer to the surface or exposed. This situation also affects private docks and boat ramps, with about 20% of them currently unusable due to the low water levels.

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