Blankets of Warmth: Clarke County Spreads Holiday Cheer for Foster Kids and Seniors

November 17, 2023
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🎄 The Gist: The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office spearheads the “My Very Own Blanket” project, spreading warmth and smiles to children in foster care and seniors this holiday season through blanket donations.

🌟 The Details: With the festive season in full swing, Clarke County is not just decking the halls but also wrapping up warmth and comfort for its most vulnerable residents.

The Sheriff’s Office is inviting the community to partake in a heartwarming holiday tradition: the “My Very Own Blanket” drive. This initiative aims to provide over 200 new, cozy blankets to children in foster care and seniors in need, offering them not just physical warmth but a symbol of care and comfort during the holidays.

🏠 In Context: The holiday season often underscores the needs and challenges faced by those in foster care and the elderly, populations that can feel particularly isolated during festive times. Blankets, in their simplicity, offer a tangible expression of support and compassion.

❤️ Why It Matters: The gesture of gifting a blanket goes beyond a mere seasonal charity. It’s about instilling a sense of belonging and warmth, ensuring those in foster care and elderly citizens feel included and cared for during a time of year synonymous with family and togetherness.

🤝 Be A Hero: To be part of this community-building effort, you can donate new, unused throw blankets. Contributions are accepted at the Clarke County Jail lobby, at 3015 Lexington Road. Your participation not only aids the project but reinforces the spirit of community solidarity.

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