Greenway Gateway: Milton is Poised to Connect with the Big Creek Greenway

June 4, 2023
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Greenway Gateway: Milton is Poised to Connect with the Big Creek Greenway

The Gist: Milton City Council stands poised to enhance the city’s connectivity and promote healthier, greener transportation by linking the city to the popular Big Creek Greenway, a trail system that extends from Roswell to Forsyth County.

The Project: The city of Milton plans to construct new multi-use paths from the Cambridge High School area, along Cogburn Road, then Webb Road, to Morris Road, and finally to McGinnis Ferry Road at the Milton border. The project is set to dovetail with the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) ongoing McGinnis Ferry Road/400 interchange construction project, which also features a connection to the Big Creek Greenway.

Securing a federal grant of over $4 million from GDOT for right-of-way acquisitions was a significant milestone for the project. During the next council meeting, a vote will take place on a resolution to formalize an agreement with GDOT. This will define the terms of acquisition and reimbursement of grant funds for the purchase of right-of-way and easements on the project.

By The Numbers:

  • $4 million in federal grant funding from GDOT for the Big Creek Greenway Trail Connection project.

Why It Matters: Implementing this project aligns with Milton’s Trails Prioritization Plan and the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, emphasizing the city’s commitment to improve connectivity and enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Linking the city to the Big Creek Greenway not only promotes healthier lifestyle choices among residents but also contributes to environmental sustainability by encouraging greener modes of transport.

What’s Next?: If the resolution is approved during the upcoming council session, the city will move forward with the agreement with GDOT, clearing the path for the much-anticipated trail connection. Further details of the project’s progression will be shared with Milton residents, ensuring transparency and adherence to the city’s plans.

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