Here Are The Winners of The Laurens County Republican Primary Election

Here Are The Winners of The Laurens County Republican Primary Election

June 18, 2024
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In a decisive election night, Laurens County voters made their voices heard in two key Republican primary races. The results, now fully tallied, show clear winners in the contests for Tax Commissioner and County Commissioner for District 2.

Brown Claims Victory in Tax Commissioner Race

Darla Brown emerged victorious in the race for Tax Commissioner, securing a substantial lead over her opponent, Tim Aldridge. Brown received 1,910 votes, amounting to 63.86% of the total, compared to Aldridge’s 1,081 votes, which represented 36.14%.

Brown’s campaign focused on addressing taxpayer concerns related to inflation and improving the efficiency and transparency of the Tax Commissioner’s office. She emphasized the importance of getting to know her employees to provide better support and service to the public.

Trae Kemp Edges Out Oliver in Tight County Commissioner Contest

The race for County Commissioner in District 2 was considerably closer, with incumbent Lawton “Trae” Kemp narrowly defeating challenger Keith Oliver. Kemp garnered 51.24% of the vote, translating to 556 votes, while Oliver received 48.76%, or 529 votes.

Kemp’s campaign centered on his experience and his plans for maintaining and improving infrastructure, fiscal responsibility, and local services. His continued tenure will focus on addressing these ongoing community concerns and maintaining the support of his constituents.

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