Here Are The Georgia Youth Birding Competition T-Shirt Art Winners

February 28, 2024
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Here Are The Georgia Youth Birding Competition T-Shirt Art Winners

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has unveiled the winners of the T-shirt Art Contest associated with the state’s 18th annual Youth Birding Competition, spotlighting young artists from diverse locales across Georgia. Aleena Huang from Duluth distinguished herself as the grand prize winner with a captivating barred owl depiction, leading a group of participants hailing from various educational settings throughout the state.

Huang’s victory in the Middle School division is just one highlight of the competition, which also recognized winners and runners-up from different age categories, all representing a range of Georgia cities. In the Primary division, Valor Johnson, a home-schooled student from Harlem, won with an eastern bluebird illustration, while the Elementary division’s top spot went to Mira Ma of Duluth for her calliope hummingbird artwork. The High School category celebrated Adairsville’s Abigail Moeller, a home-schooled student who triumphed with her northern flicker design.

These winners, alongside others from cities like Alpharetta and Auburn, exemplify the competition’s reach and impact, connecting youth with nature and conservation through art. The event, set against the backdrop of Georgia’s extensive bird species diversity, encourages participants to explore and appreciate the natural world, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and artistic expression.

Supported by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and various conservation organizations, the Youth Birding Competition and its art contest component not only highlight the artistic talents of Georgia’s youth but also emphasize the importance of wildlife conservation and ecological education across the state.

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