At 109 years old, Relda Mackins is DeKalb County’s oldest resident

August 6, 2022
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At 109 years old, Relda Mackins is DeKalb County's oldest resident

On August 7, Ms. Relda Beatrice Bennett Mackins, DeKalb County’s oldest resident, will turn 109 years old.

Ms. Mackins was born on August 7, 1913 in a world that didn’t yet know sliced bread, television, computers, or penicillin.

Ms. Mackins will be honored by her Pastor, Rev. Vandy Simmons and her church, Antioch AME Church, in Stone Mountain during the Sunday morning worship experience at 10 a.m.

When asked her secret to long life, Ms. Mackins politely responds, “You have to ask JC.”

Her daily routine entails a minimum of two 20-minute aerobic exercises on her indoor exercise bike. Ms. Mackins firmly believes that it is her mission to help someone as long as she is able to help someone.

She is affectionately known by the nickname “Honey Bea” by her neighbors at her former residence, Antioch Manor, because of her willingness to do anything and everything for everyone she encounters.

“My mother has been an inspiration to so many and continues to inspire others every day,” her daughter, Karen Green said.

Ms. Mackins is a loving mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, great aunt, godmother and so much more.

“Ms. Mackins is a true testament to the power of purpose and inspiration, and we are proud to celebrate this historic milestone on Ms. Mackins’ 109th Birthday in DeKalb County,” said DeKalb County Commissioner Davis Johnson.

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