Where is the best place to retire in Georgia?

Where is the best place to retire in Georgia?

Planning for retirement should be a lifelong endeavor that begins the moment you start earning enough income to sock some of it away. The earlier you start the better as compound interest and capital gains investments generate more profit when they have a longer time to accrue.

Planning your life after 65 might include finding a new place to call home. Ideally, such a place would offer important amenities such as easy access to physical activities, quality health care, and social venues. (Affordability is important too, and Hawaii is the most expensive state to retire in.)

Based on an index of 11 key measures – including health outcomes, the concentration of medical service providers, air quality, and venues for physical activity and entertainment – Towns County ranks as the best place to retire in Georgia. Home to the city of Hiawassee, Towns County has a population of 12,300 people, 33.7% of whom are retirement age.

One reason the county stands out among other parts of the state is the concentration of places for physical activity. Everyone living in the county resides in close proximity to places like parks, gyms, and recreation centers, compared to just 74.6% of the state’s population as a whole.

Click here to see a full explanation of 11 measures used to determine the best place to retire in every state. Only counties or county equivalents where the share of the population who are 65 or older exceeds the 16% national share were considered.

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