How does Brian Kemp’s approval rating compare to other U.S. governors?

How does Brian Kemp's approval rating compare to other U.S. governors?

The specific duties of elected officials vary considerably from one branch of government to the next and between the different levels of government. But one common responsibility shared by virtually all those in elected office is to balance the interests, values, and priorities of their constituents. This is no easy task, particularly for those in powerful, high-profile positions who represent hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans.

Consider, for example, the U.S. president. Subject to the individual judgements of over 250 million voting-age Americans, most presidents in recent decades have had approval ratings below 50%. According to Gallup survey data, George H.W. Bush is the only president since the Kennedy assassination with an average approval rating above 60% – and even he was voted out of office after a single term. (Here is a look at the most – and least – effective presidents in U.S. history.)

Like the president, each of the 50 sitting U.S. governors has the role of a chief executive. And as the highest-ranking and highest-profile elected official in state government, governors are also subject to constant public scrutiny. And some appear to be doing a better job than others.

Based on 2023 survey data, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has an approval rating of 60% and a disapproval rating of 33%. Based on these figures, Kemp ranks as the 11th most popular state governor in the country.

Kemp, a Republican, took office in 2019 and is currently serving his second term as governor.

All data in this story is from Morning Consult, a public opinion data research company. Governors were ranked by their approval rating. Ties were broken by disapproval ratings, and in the case when governors shared the same approval and disapproval rating, the governor with the largest survey sample size ranked higher.

RankGovernorStateApproval rating (%)Dissaproval rating (%)In office sinceParty
1Phil ScottVermont78142017Republican
2Mark GordonWyoming67242019Republican
3Chris SununuNew Hampshire66292017Republican
4Jim JusticeWest Virginia66312017Republican
5Andy BeshearKentucky63322019Democratic
6Josh GreenHawaii62222022Democratic
7Sarah Huckabee SandersArkansas61272023Republican
8Kay IveyAlabama61332017Republican
9Ned LamontConnecticut61342019Democratic
10Kristi NoemSouth Dakota61372019Republican
11Brian KempGeorgia60332019Republican
12Brad LittleIdaho60332019Republican
13Bill LeeTennessee59312019Republican
14John CarneyDelaware58312017Democratic
15Greg GianforteMontana58332021Republican
16Laura KellyKansas58342019Democratic
17Jared PolisColorado58352019Democratic
18Janet MillsMaine57402019Democratic
19Doug BurgumNorth Dakota56262016Republican
20Glenn YoungkinVirginia56322022Republican
21Mike DeWineOhio56372019Republican
22Ron DeSantisFlorida56382019Republican
23Gavin NewsomCalifornia56382019Democratic
24Gretchen WhitmerMichigan56402019Democratic
25Wes MooreMaryland55162023Democratic
26Maura HealeyMassachusetts55212023Democratic
27Kim ReynoldsIowa55392017Republican
28Spencer CoxUtah54302021Republican
29Henry McMasterSouth Carolina54362017Republican
30Tim WalzMinnesota54412019Democratic
31Josh ShapiroPennsylvania53262023Democratic
32Eric HolcombIndiana53342017Republican
33Mike ParsonMissouri53342018Republican
34Michael DunleavyAlaska53352018Republican
35Philip MurphyNew Jersey53392018Democratic
36Roy Cooper IIINorth Carolina52372017Democratic
37Gregory AbbottTexas52432015Republican
38JB PritzkerIllinois52432019Democratic
39Tony EversWisconsin52432019Democratic
40Kathy HochulNew York51412021Democratic
41John Bel EdwardsLouisiana51412016Democratic
42Kevin StittOklahoma51422019Republican
43Jay InsleeWashington51432013Democratic
44Michelle Lujan GrishamNew Mexico51432019Democratic
45Dan McKeeRhode Island50372021Democratic
46Joseph LombardoNevada49252023Republican
47Tate ReevesMississippi48422020Republican
48Katie HobbsArizona47362023Democratic
49Jim PillenNebraska45302023Republican
50Tina KotekOregon42392023Democratic


  1. He could potentially defeat Biden if the Republican party were to nominate him. Now I don’t think they’ll do it with the dominance of Trumpism that has replaced Reaganism.

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