Georgians spend the most time in meetings

February 25, 2022
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If you think your company has too many meetings and feel like most meetings could have been emails, you are probably right.

The team at Deputy, a team scheduling software, has some bad news for the Peach State — Georgians spend the most time in meetings compared to other states.

They found this and more in their search to determine just how much time Americans spend in meetings. They surveyed 3,280 workers across America, asking them all about the meetings they have at work, including the associated stress, the varying durations, and specific preferences.

Here’s what they found:

  • Georgians reported spending the most time, averaging 8.39 hours, in work meetings per week.
  • Massachusetts was runner-up, averaging 7.67 hours in meetings per week, while Nevada spent the fewest hours (2.28).
  • 25% of Americans would rather sit in traffic than go to a work meeting. 58% would rather go to a doctor’s appointment.
  • 17% of Americans would rather attend jury duty than go to a work meeting.

Find more insights, broken down by industry, here.

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