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Georgia Style Barbecue Sauce Ranks 3rd in The Nation


🍽 The Gist: A comprehensive survey by Smoked BBQ Source reveals Georgia barbecue sauce as the nation’s third favorite, highlighting the crucial role sauces play in barbecuing.

🔍 The Details: In an extensive poll among 3,000 BBQ enthusiasts conducted by Smoked BBQ Source, Arizona Style Sauce clinched the title of the top barbecue sauce in the U.S., with Alabama White Sauce and Georgia barbecue Sauce rounding out the top three.

This survey sought to crown the most beloved barbecue style sauce across diverse American culinary landscapes, ranging from Arizona’s fiery flavors to Florida’s citrus-infused varieties.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • #1 Arizona Style Sauce: Bold and smoky, with a chili pepper kick.
  • #2 Alabama White Sauce: A tangy, mayonnaise-based delight.
  • #3 Georgia BBQ Sauce: A sweet and tangy mix, occasionally peach-enhanced.

🌎 The Big Picture: The survey also explored international barbecue preferences among Georgians, with Jamaican barbecue emerging as the most desired experience, followed by Brazil’s churrasco and Australia’s iconic beach barbecues.

🤔 Why It Matters: Bragging rights.

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