E. Coli Levels Are Still Too High in the Chattahoochee River

July 6, 2023
1 min read
E. Coli Levels Are Still Too High in the Chattahoochee River

As of Thursday, the E. coli contamination in Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area continues to be a cause for concern and the river is closed downstream of Roswell.

The contamination is a result of an ongoing spill from a Fulton County wastewater treatment facility. The Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is actively monitoring the situation and conducting daily sampling at various locations.

To gain a better understanding of the extent of the contamination’s impact on water quality, the organization is expanding their sampling efforts downstream. They will now be collecting samples from Chattahoochee Hills in addition to the previous sampling locations, which include Azalea Park in Roswell.

Unfortunately, due to the exceedingly high levels of E. coli, the river remains closed within the recreation area. This closure applies to the stretch of the river from Chattahoochee Nature Center southwards to all downstream sections of the park. The closure aims to ensure public safety and prevent any health risks associated with the contaminated water.

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is diligently working to remedy the situation and mitigate the contamination. It is crucial for the public to adhere to the closure and avoid any activities that may expose them to the contaminated water. Regular updates will be provided as the situation develops.

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