New to Cherokee County? Here’s What You Need to Know About Cherokee County Schools

February 18, 2024
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New to Cherokee County? Here's What You Need to Know About Cherokee County Schools

Moving to a new area brings with it the challenge of navigating local services, with schools often topping the list of priorities for families. If you’ve recently moved to Cherokee County or are considering doing so, getting to know the Cherokee County Schools is a vital step. This guide is designed to help you understand the educational landscape of your new home.

Overview of Cherokee County School District

Cherokee County Schools serve as the educational cornerstone for the county, providing comprehensive learning opportunities to over 43,000 students across its schools. The district is committed to high academic achievement, responsible citizenship, and personal growth, offering an array of programs to meet the diverse needs of its students.

Educational Leadership and Vision

With the appointment of Dr. Mary Elizabeth Davis as the new Superintendent of Schools, the Cherokee County School District is poised for continued success. Dr. Davis brings a wealth of experience in educational leadership. You should also know that despite Davis’ qualifications, her appointment has drawn the ire of some parents in the school district who would have preferred a local candidate be chosen for the job, so you have walked into a school district that is grappling with that controversy.

Academic Programs and Opportunities

The district prides itself on offering a broad based curriculum. This includes a wide range of advanced placement classes, special education services, and career and technical education programs. Such offerings ensure that students are well-prepared for both college and career pathways.

The Cherokee County School District consists of:

  • 23 elementary, Grades K-5;
  • 7 middle schools, Grades 6-8;
  • 6 high schools, Grades 9-12;
  • i-Grad Virtual Academy, online school, Grades 9-12;
  • ACE Academy, alternative daytime program, Grades 6-12;
  • Tippens Education Center;
  • CCSD Preschool Centers: Ralph Bunche Center and Johnston, Holly Springs and Oak Grove Preschool.

School Calendar for the Academic Year

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the Cherokee County School District has a detailed calendar that marks the beginning of the school year on August 1, 2023, and its conclusion on May 24, 2024. The calendar also includes scheduled breaks, allowing families to plan accordingly.

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