Meet The New Principal at Bells Ferry Elementary School

June 6, 2024
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Meet The New Principal at Bells Ferry Elementary School

Bells Ferry Elementary School has a new principal, Kendra Brooks, who brings over two decades of experience in education with Cobb Schools. With roles ranging from teacher to mentor to assistant principal, Brooks is ready to lead Bells Ferry with a vision centered on student success and community collaboration.

Brooks began her career as a second-grade teacher at Brumby Elementary School and has since dedicated herself to the mission of supporting Cobb students. This year, she transitions to Bells Ferry Elementary, eager to continue her journey in a community renowned for its excellence in teaching and strong community ties.

A Vision for Student Success

Principal Brooks is deeply impressed by the commitment of the Bells Ferry community to high levels of learning and student achievement. She plans to build on this foundation with a focus on collaborative teamwork. “The Bells Ferry community can expect to see a continued focus on student success through strong collaborative teams that build on our collective strengths,” she said.

For Brooks, student success is not just about academic achievements but also about developing personal qualities like integrity, resilience, compassion, and bravery. “Students are successful when they are prepared for the future that awaits them,” she explained. She believes that the mission of Bells Ferry Elementary, to “Learn, Lead and Leave a Legacy,” encapsulates her vision for students as future leaders.

Memorable Moments and Community Involvement

One of Brooks’ most cherished memories from her time as an educator involves a heartfelt thank-you letter from a student she helped as a reading specialist. This student, who had grown to love reading, presented her with a framed letter that read, “Thank you for teaching me how to read.” Brooks keeps this letter in her office as a reminder of the positive impact she can make every day.

When she’s not at school, Brooks enjoys playing pickleball with her husband and hiking with her family. “Recently, I have developed a love for pickleball. My husband and I play often. We enjoy the excitement and challenge,” she shared. Additionally, her family loves exploring Georgia’s trails, particularly Red Top Mountain and Pickett’s Mill, and engaging in various art projects together.

As Kendra Brooks steps into her role at Bells Ferry Elementary, the community looks forward to the enthusiasm and dedication she will bring. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and successful learning environment ensures that the school will continue to thrive under her leadership.

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