From Pixels to Symphony: Atlanta Welcomes Video Game Music Extravaganza

September 20, 2023
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The Gist: Atlanta Symphony Hall is set to host the renowned “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony” for two nights, bringing the magic of video game music to life.

The Concert: The Atlanta Symphony will collaborate with the “Heroes” concert series on September 21 and 22. This musical extravaganza, narrated by BAFTA award winner Nigel Carrington, promises to take attendees on a nostalgic journey through the world of video games. The concert will feature tunes from popular games like FINAL FANTASY, Halo, God of War, and many more. Notably, series composer Inon Zur has specially composed and arranged pieces from Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, and Dragon Age for the event.

By The Numbers:

  • 2 nights of musical immersion.
  • Over 20 video game franchises represented.
  • 1 BAFTA award-winning narrator.

Why It Matters: Video game music has evolved into a genre of its own, resonating with fans and non-gamers alike. “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony” not only celebrates this evolution but also showcases the fusion of classical orchestration with modern gaming melodies. With the Atlanta Symphony’s participation, the event is set to be a memorable experience for all attendees.

Want to Go?: The concerts are scheduled for 8 p.m. on both September 21 and 22 at the Atlanta Symphony Hall, 1280 Peachtree Street NE.

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