Roswell middle school student charged with terroristic threats after bomb threat


ROSWELL — The Roswell Police Department has identified and charged a juvenile student they say is responsible for a recent bomb threat. 

Roswell Police, Fire and area law enforcement partners responded to The Goddard School at 2710 Holcomb Bridge Road regarding a reported bomb threat at about 9 a.m. on Nov. 3. The school was evacuated by staff, and swept by the police department’s explosive ordnance detection K9 team who located no suspicious device.

Through subsequent investigation, Roswell detectives determined that a 13-year-old student from Holcomb Bridge Middle School made a cell phone call to 911 announcing a bomb threat, and immediately hung up.

At the time of the call, the student was on a Fulton County school bus approaching Holcomb Bridge Middle School. GPS coordinates for the phone at the time the call was made showed a location of the Goddard School, prompting the initial police response to that location.

Further investigation and interviews determined that the student intended Holcomb Bridge Middle School as the target location for their criminal phone call.

“The Roswell Police Department is intentional and emphatic in referring to this as a criminal phone call, in contrast to the student who considered it a ‘prank,'” said Roswell police spokesperson Tim Lupo.

The student has been charged with terroristic threats, and will be facing administrative consequences at the discretion of the Fulton County School District as well.

“These types of actions will not be tolerated, regardless of age. Parents are encouraged to have a frank discussion with their children about the serious consequences of foolish youthful decisions,” Lupo said.

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