Man killed in Savannah shooting

July 24, 2023
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The Gist: A man’s life was abruptly ended in a shooting on the crossroads of Indiana and Ohio Avenues in Savannah on July 22.

What Happened?: As the day neared its end at 6:50 p.m., gunfire rang out at the intersection. Savannah Police officers promptly arrived at the scene, finding a man severely wounded from the shooting.

Despite being rushed to Memorial Health University Medical Center, the victim did not survive.

What’s Next?: As detectives dive deep into the incident’s intricate details, they urge the public to aid in their pursuit of justice. Any information related to the event should be relayed to CrimeStoppers at 912-234-2020.

👮‍♂️ Gun Crimes in Our Communities: In the ongoing narrative of America’s complex relationship with firearms, statistics tell a tale that’s difficult to ignore. The Gun Violence Archive, a non-profit meticulously tracking gun incidents, lays it out in black and white. Here’s how it stacks up:

  • 2020 Statistics
    • Total gun-related incidents: 43,551
    • Gun-related deaths: 19,379
    • Gun-related injuries: 39,707
    • Mass shootings: 612
  • 2019 Statistics
    • Total gun-related incidents: 39,707
    • Gun-related deaths: 15,208
    • Gun-related injuries: 29,613
    • Mass shootings: 417

To Be Clear: These aren’t just digits on a page. Each statistic represents a life affected, a community shaken. And what’s more, these numbers tell us that the situation isn’t improving.

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