Georgia Day Marks State’s 291st Anniversary with an Educational Video Premiere

February 7, 2024
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📚 The Gist: On February 12, Georgia celebrates 291 years since its founding with a special video aimed at educating students on the state’s rich history.

📹 The Details: To honor the 291st anniversary of Georgia’s establishment on February 12, 1733, the Georgia Historical Society is set to release an engaging educational video. This new content, targeted towards middle and high school students, explores the founding and development of the 13th colony, featuring insights from state leaders. Supported by Chick-fil-A and designed to meet the Georgia Standards of Excellence, the video will premiere on, WTOC+, and the Georgia History Festival’s website, equipped with classroom resources for an in-depth understanding of Georgia’s past.

🎓 The Big Picture: Part of the Georgia History Festival, this video contributes to a broader effort to educate students about Georgia’s nearly three centuries of self-governance. This year’s festival theme, “Governing Georgia Across Three Centuries,” aims to enhance students’ comprehension of the state’s governmental history and its impact on democracy.

💡 Why It Matters: This initiative seeks to connect young Georgians with their heritage, encouraging an appreciation for the state’s historical journey and its contributions to the shaping of democracy.

📚 What’s Next?: The Georgia History Festival continues to offer educational programs, including the inaugural Georgia Day Expo and other events that celebrate and illuminate Georgia’s historical narrative and achievements.

🔗 Go Deeper: For more details on the video and the Georgia History Festival’s offerings, visit

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