Exploring Industry Excellence: A1 Auto Transport Featured As Top Car Shipping Company In Georgia

December 26, 2023
3 mins read

Who is A1 Auto Transport, and how can they help anyone move their vehicle to and from Georgia?

Today we’ll be exploring what goes behind operating one of the best Georgia car shipping companies, and how they can help transport any sized vehicle to any destination.

Let’s get started.

Who is A1 Auto Transport?

A1 Auto Transport is run by Tony Taylor (CEO) and Joe Webster, head of marketing. Together, they have been operating A1 Auto for over 30 years. They’ve successfully shipped thousands of vehicles all across the globe and are looking to expand to become the largest auto shipper in the United States.

Currently, A1 Auto Transport helps companies like Cars.com ship vehicles worldwide, as well as any customer that has a vehicle that needs to be transported. They understand the intricacies of all types of shipping and even offer air transport as well as heavy equipment shipping.

They are working to be a more sustainable company in the coming years, as shipping to and from Georgia can take its toll on the environment. With a plan to start utilizing more green vehicles, A1 Auto is here to help the Georgia area and expand all across the globe, offering better services each year.

What Does A1 Auto Transport Offer?

Enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers keep your vehicle safe during shipping. They are not open to the outside world, so no one will know what type of vehicle you have inside. What’s great is that enclosed trailers offer privacy to more expensive, luxury vehicles that may otherwise bring unwanted attention during shipping.

One downside is that enclosed trailers do cost a little extra as they can only fit a few vehicles inside at once, compared to an open trailer that can carry 10 or more vehicles at once.

Open trailer

Open trailers are typically seen going up and down interstates with around 10-12 vehicles on them at once. They’re the most economical form of shipping and are a great way for anyone who’s trying to save some money to ship a vehicle.

International shipping

No matter if you’re moving across countries, A1 Auto can help as well move a vehicle anywhere in the world. International shipping does take a while, so try to plan to avoid any delays that may occur while your vehicle transits the seas.

Domestic shipping

Even if you’re simply selling a vehicle to someone a state away, A1 can help move vehicles, even short distances. Instead of driving yourself and getting a ride back home, you’ll be able to easily transport any vehicle even short distances.

To check how much it would cost for you, simply get your free quote by going to https://www.a1autotransport.com/georgia-ga-car-shipping/, free of charge.

Air shipping

If you need hasty deliver, air shipping is also available. Air shipping can cost quite a lot and is not economical in any sense, so do expect high costs as air shipping is by weight, and cars are often thousands of pounds, adding to the bill.

Motorcycle shipping

Even motorcycles can be shipped anywhere in the world. While they are a bit tinier than vehicles, they are still able to be shipped within an enclosed trailer if you are worried about the shape your vehicle will be in when it arrives.

Heavy equipment shipping

Heavy equipment shipping, like cranes, foresting, or engineering equipment can all be taken care of by A1 Auto. Working with oversized loads and objects weighing tons requires a professional staff, but A1 already has the logistics required to take on any of these delivery tasks.


A1 Auto Transport stands out as a premier car shipping company in Georgia, led by the experienced duo of Tony Taylor and Joe Webster. With over three decades of successful operations, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the industry, facilitating the transportation of thousands of vehicles worldwide. A1 Auto Transport’s commitment to excellence is evident in its diverse range of services, catering to various shipping needs.

A1 Auto Transport’s dedication to sustainability is a commendable aspect of their plans, aiming to incorporate more eco-friendly practices in their operations. The introduction of green vehicles reflects their commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of shipping to and from Georgia.

The company’s versatility extends beyond standard vehicle transportation, encompassing services like air shipping for urgent deliveries, motorcycle shipping, and the transportation of heavy equipment. A1 Auto Transport’s expertise in handling oversized and heavy loads, such as cranes and engineering equipment, underscores their proficiency in addressing diverse logistical challenges.

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