Traffic Tango: DeKalb’s Late-Night Lane Closures Dance Through the Night

February 20, 2024
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Traffic Tango: DeKalb's Late-Night Lane Closures Dance Through the Night

🚧 The Gist: DeKalb County is set for a nocturnal ballet of bulldozers and traffic cones as Georgia DOT puts the finishing touches on I-285 and Peachtree Blvd., with overnight lane closures to add that final stripe of paint.

🚦 The Details: The overnight extravaganza kicks off Tuesday, February 20, at 9 p.m., stretching until the wee hours of Wednesday. Expect a conga line of rolling closures along I-285 westbound from mile markers 31.6 to 30.7, and closures on SR 141/Peachtree Blvd, about a half-mile in each direction from the interchange.

This late-night party is all in the name of finalizing the striping work for the newly minted single lane bridge that made its debut in December 2023.

🛣 Why It Matters: Besides testing your late-night patience, these closures mark the final lap of a project designed to make your daily commute less of a headache. It’s a small price to pay for smoother rides ahead.

What’s Next?: Assuming Mother Nature plays nice, this striping soirée is a one-night affair. But, as any seasoned Atlanta driver knows, it’s wise to keep an eye on the forecast and plan for a little extra drive time just in case.

🚀 Go Deeper: For the brave souls looking to venture out during these hours, or the smart ones trying to avoid it, real-time traffic updates are available. Dial 511, visit, or download the Georgia 511 app for the latest on this and other traffic adventures.

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