Police crack down on street racing in Atlanta

April 3, 2023
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Police crack down on street racing in Atlanta

The Gist: A crackdown on illegal street racing in Atlanta led to multiple arrests and impounded vehicles, as local law enforcement agencies joined forces over the weekend to protect public safety.

Action-Packed Weekend: From April 1 to April 3, Atlanta’s streets were the scene of a coordinated effort by the Atlanta Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State University Police, and Capital Police. This multi-jurisdictional response targeted illegal street racing, resulting in numerous arrests and a swift return to normal traffic.

Why It Matters: Street racing is a dangerous activity that threatens both racers and innocent bystanders. As the summer season approaches, Atlanta law enforcement is ramping up efforts to deter this reckless behavior and keep the city’s streets safe.

Arrests by the Atlanta Police Dept.: On April 3 at about 12:43 a.m., officers arrested a man for laying drag, reckless driving, and improper display of license plates. In addition to the charges, police recovered an AR-15 and a Glock 22 from Hudson’s possession. Hudson was subsequently transported to the Atlanta City Detention Center.

In another incident on April 2, another man was caught driving a Ford-F250 erratically on Courtland St. He was arrested for laying drag and reckless driving, and also taken to the Atlanta City Detention Center.

What’s Next?: Atlanta law enforcement agencies, united in their commitment to public safety, will continue to collaborate on enforcing state laws and city ordinances against illegal street racing. This ongoing operation aims to arrest offenders, impound vehicles involved in street racing, and ensure a secure environment for all Atlanta residents as warmer weather approaches.

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