Here’s how many guns are traced to crimes in Georgia


Crimes committed with firearms – particularly homicide – are a growing problem in the United States. Over 19,000 people were murdered with a gun nationwide in 2020, up 35% from the previous year. These murders were on top of the more than 100,000 cases of aggravated assault and 43,000 cases of robbery involving guns.

Many of the guns used in these crimes were reported by local law enforcement to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives for tracing to aid in crime investigation and criminal prosecution. All told, the ATF traced nearly 390,000 firearms in 2020 alone.

Guns that are traced by the ATF are typically those found at a crime scene – and that either have been used, or are suspected to have been used, to commit a crime – though it is important to note that not all firearms used in a crime are traced.

In Georgia, the ATF traced a total of 19,172 firearms in 2021 – or 182.3 for every 100,000 people, the sixth most among states.

The largest share of guns reported to the ATF in the state – 7,998 in total – were chambered for 9mm ammunition. The second most common firearm type was .40 caliber, with 2,621 traced by the ATF.

RankStateGuns traced per 100k people, 2021Total guns traced, 2021Most common type traced2nd most common type traced3rd most common type traced
1Louisiana236.711,0419mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
2Nevada203.46,1649mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
3Tennessee191.512,9709mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
4North Carolina182.718,9739mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
5South Carolina182.69,2959mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
6Georgia182.319,1729mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
7New Mexico169.63,5579mm.40 Cal.40 Cal
8Alabama160.87,8689mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
9Missouri156.79,5989mm.40 Cal.45 Cal
10Mississippi154.14,5969mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
11Delaware154.11,4919mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
12Arizona152.710,9529mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
13Maryland146.98,8729mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
14Virginia141.412,0339mm.40 Cal.45 Cal
15Ohio141.116,4729mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
16Indiana135.19,0499mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
17Kentucky133.15,9419mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
18Texas133.138,1099mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
19Florida127.126,9669mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
20Kansas125.73,6619mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
21Oregon123.05,1389mm.22 Cal.45 Cal
22West Virginia120.72,1819mm.22 Cal.380 Cal
23Montana118.61,259.22 Cal9mm.45 Cal
24Illinois117.214,8979mm.40 Cal.45 Cal
25Colorado114.66,5169mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
26California113.644,7099mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
27Michigan113.311,3019mm.40 Cal.45 Cal
28Arkansas111.43,3559mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
29Nebraska111.22,1409mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
30Alaska110.68159mm.22 Cal.45 Cal
31Pennsylvania108.013,8239mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
32North Dakota104.87979mm.22 Cal12GA
33Wisconsin101.55,8929mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
34South Dakota88.17759mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
35Utah87.82,7679mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
36Oklahoma86.03,3979mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
37Iowa80.82,5469mm.22 Cal.380 Cal
38Minnesota71.84,0209mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
39Washington70.75,3109mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
40Idaho70.11,2299mm.22 Cal.45 Cal
41Vermont50.33149mm.22 Cal12GA
42New Hampshire47.26409mm.22 Cal.380 Cal
43New Jersey46.84,1619mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
44Maine45.36089mm.22 Cal12GA
45Wyoming43.72549mm.22 Cal.45 Cal
46Rhode Island39.14149mm.40 Cal.22 Cal
47New York36.87,1879mm.380 Cal.22 Cal
48Connecticut31.71,1339mm.22 Cal.40 Cal
49Massachusetts26.61,8309mm.40 Cal.380 Cal
50Hawaii10.21459mm.22 Cal.45 Cal

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