Georgia will begin teaching career education in elementary school

Children in Georgia will soon begin exploring career interests and opportunities in elementary school.

The courses will provide early exposure to careers and will be developmentally appropriate for elementary students. The program will build on the success of Georgia’s existing Career Clusters and Pathways, along with the existing agricultural education courses in the early grades.

The Georgia Department of Education will work with business and industry, educators, and Career, Technical, and Agricultural subject matter experts to develop the courses.

Local school districts will be able to pilot the majority of the elementary courses as early as fall 2023.

“Our mission in Georgia is to prepare students for life,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “These elementary Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education courses will build into our middle- and high-school CTAE opportunities and give students the chance to learn about the many options they have for a successful future.”

The courses will eventually be available in all of Georgia’s existing Career Clusters. They can serve as both a springboard to assist with elementary STEM/STEAM instruction and certification, and as preparation for similar middle- and high-school programs.

About Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education in Georgia

Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education in Georgia delivers a K-12 education that prepares students for their lives after high school. Students can learn skills for real-world careers in more than 100 Career Pathways – from financial technology to flight operations – while earning recognized industry credentials and participating in hands-on learning opportunities.

Georgia’s career program offers 456 industry-certified programs across 17 Career Pathway Clusters, and Georgia’s Pathway students who completed the program graduated at a rate of 97% in the 2020-2021 school year.

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