Investigators say missing teen Kaylee Jones may be in the Cartersville area

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A 16-year-old Georgia girl who has been missing since June 14 may be in the Cartersville area, investigators say.

The Bartow County Sheriff’s office said they have reason to believe Kaylee Jones may be in the Cartersville area.  

As of July 5, Kaylee remains missing. Investigators have been working around the clock on this case and have been reviewing data collected from Kaylee’s electronic devices and have been in contact with those she last had contact with on those devices.

Investigators continue to receive tips and possible sightings and none have been substantiated yet.

Kaylee was last seen in the area of Whooping Creek Church Road in Carroll County on June 14.

Police have no leads on where she may be headed or who she is accompanied by, but police suspect she may be with someone whom she met online.

Kaylee has brown hair and brown eyes, is 5’8″ tall and weighs about 135 pounds and has no phone or vehicle with her.

Kaylee’s mother thinks she may have a book bag with her. The bag is described as dark blue with a horse on the front and possibly has the word “Mazi” or “Kaylee” on it. Kaylee may be wearing black tennis shoes or converse.

Contact Investigator Kim Biggs if you have any information on her whereabouts at 770-830-5916 or by email at

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