Startup company Giverrang launches 300 local gift cards across Georgia

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

A startup company has just launched 300 different community gift card programs in Georgia – each specific to a town or city.

The programs offer unique targeted support to local businesses since the gift card can be spent at any independent business in that particular town or city but not at big chains like McDonald’s or Walmart.

The company behind the programs is Connecticut-based Giverrang, which builds Community Gift Card programs for towns and cities to drive spending to small businesses and keep more dollars local.

“The whole idea is to bring more dollars and attention to small businesses,” explained Mark Walerysiak Jr., Head of Card Programs at Giverrang. “The big guys have the benefit of having huge resources behind them so we really want to help the small guys as much as possible.”

Interested buyers can visit each program’s web page to purchase a card — like the Savannah Local Gift Card — where they will see a few suggested businesses to spend their card.

“We feel it’s important to give people an easy way to support local businesses,” added Roy Paterson, Head of Product at Giverrang.

The cards are plastic Mastercard gift cards that can be purchased online through each town or city card web page. Buyers can ship a card directly to a gift recipient’s address or send it to themselves to hand the recipient the card in-person. Cards are estimated to arrive in seven days.

Giverrang’s second major announcement is the company’s social mission to give back to those who help further the positive impact on the local economy by promoting a Local Gift Card in their area. Giverrang is launching a local affiliate program and is seeking local nonprofits such as economic development organizations, service organizations, or fundraising groups like little leagues and school PTA’s to become local affiliates. For every card these organizations help sell, Giverrang will donate a percentage of profits to each organization.

“We’re excited to help as many local businesses as we can and we hope this resonates with people and they want to support it,” said Walerysiak Jr.. “A Local Gift Card makes a meaningful gift for family, friends, or employees. Plus, it makes a real difference in helping local businesses not just survive but thrive.”

You can purchase a local gift card to a town or city in your area by visiting this link.

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