November 30 Georgia municipal election runoff results

Matt Bannister /

Runoff elections are taking place in cities throughout Georgia today, including the Atlanta mayor’s race. Below are the results that have come in so far.

11:16 p.m.: With 74% of precincts reporting in Fulton and all precincts reporting in DeKalb, it appears Andre Dickens has won the Atlanta mayor’s race handily. In DeKalb, Dickens carried 67% of the vote and in Fulton he has 62% of the vote.

10:03 p.m.: Fulton County has now released results from 39% of precincts. The results show Dickens with 61% of the vote and Moore with 38%. A similar margin holds in DeKalb.

9:59 p.m.: It’s been radio silence from Fulton County for more than two hours. In the DeKalb County portion of the Atlanta mayor’s race, Andre Dickens leads with 65% of the vote to Moore’s 34% of the vote. So far, only Advanced and Absentee ballots have been counted in DeKalb.

9:07 p.m.: In the race for Marietta City Council Ward 5, Kent has 368 votes and incumbent Copeland has 146 votes.

8:44 p.m.: In the race for Tucker City Council District 2, Post 1, Cara Schroeder has 482 votes and Imani Barnes has 400 votes.

8:14 p.m.: Fulton County early results show Andre Dickens with 59% of the vote and Felicia Moore with 40% of the vote. Only 26,627 votes have been counted. Early votes from DeKalb also show Dickens ahead by a larger margin, with 65% of the vote.

8 p.m.: Polls have closed in Atlanta. We now wait for results to begin coming in from both Fulton and DeKalb Counties.

7:54 p.m.: In the Marietta Ward 5 City Council race, the count of absentee ballots shows 143 votes for Kent and 40 votes for Copeland. Copeland is the incumbent in the race.