News Blog: Atlanta breaks temperature streak

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The National Weather Service reported Sunday morning that Atlanta had broken its 94-day high temperature streak.

For the last 94 days, the temperature in the Atlanta area has been over 60-degrees, however Sunday morning saw lows of 55.

This is a landmark achievement for Atlanta weather and a sure sign that perhaps fall will come — if only briefly.

Ivanka Trump coming to Atlanta

Ivanka Trump and Attorney General Barr will be visiting Atlanta Monday for a human trafficking event with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and his wife Marty.

While in Atlanta, Trump will tour the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy’s survivor care facility.

Do you get Road Rage?

You may not consider your actions on the road to be road rage, however according to this graphic which was posted to social media by the Marietta Police Department, you may be guilty of some measure of road rage. Actually, we probably all are.

News Blog: Atlanta breaks temperature streak

Drive safely and happily, y’all.