Georgia is 47th in the nation in completing the census

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When it comes to filling out their census forms, Georgians are doing a poor job compared to the rest of the United States. Georgia currently ranks 47 in the nation for the percentage of residents who have completed the constitutionally required national head count.

The failure of Georgia residents to participate in the count could cost the state billions of dollars in federal funding. That federal funding goes directly to public schools and transportation projects which receive money from the U.S. government based on — you guessed it — the population of the state.

The census also determines how many seats Georgia gets in Congress. If you want representation in the federal government, you have to complete the census.

If you haven’t completed the census yet, you can do it online at www.My2020Census.Gov on your smart phone, tablet or IPad. You can also complete it by mail or by phone.

The census ends on Sept. 30.

Below is a video from Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and State School Superintendent Richard Woods on the importance of the census in Georgia.

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