5 Things We Learned from the May 22 Georgia Primary

Now that the dust has settled on the May 22 primary, it’s time to start looking at what the results mean and how they could shape the runoff and the November election. Here are a few things that we learned during and in the aftermath of Tuesday’s primary.

DEMOCRATS ARE FIRED UP ABOUT ABRAMS: Not only was Stacey Abrams able to best Stacey Evans in a landslide victory, the win got democrats excited about voting and about the potential of winning the November election. The enthusiasm could be seen on social media moments after Abrams was declared the winner. Like democratic turnout in Tuesday’s primary, democratic enthusiasm is up.

CASEY CAGLE IS POPULAR STATEWIDE: According to the county results map, Casey Cagle won most Georgia counties. Brian Kemp has pockets of support throughout the state, but his support isn’t as far-reaching as Kemp’s. However, the majority of republican voters did vote for Cagle’s opponents. Take a look at the countywide map:

County-by-county Election Results. Counties that went for Cagle are blue, counties that went for Kemp are red.

SO IS STACEY ABRAMS: Stacey Abrams also has immense statewide support on the democratic side of the spectrum. Stacey Evans was only able to win six counties.

DEMOCRATS ARE DONE MOVING TO THE CENTER: The big headline about Abrams’ big win is that her strategy of reaching out to the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party worked and Stacey Evans’ approach of trying to grab the votes of moderate republicans failed. This is evidence that the Democratic Party in Georgia may be embracing more progressive ideas instead of appealing to the center of the party. In fact, many moderate democrats in down-ballot races suffered defeat because of the party’s shift to the left.

THERE ARE MORE DEMOCRATS THAN THERE USED TO BE: Cobb and Gwinnett Counties are traditionally red counties. However, on Tuesday, more voters chose the democratic ballot than the republican ballot in both of these conservative counties.

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