'The Status Quo is Not Working:' Fulton County's Bold Plans for Change
Robb Pitts

‘The Status Quo is Not Working:’ Fulton County’s Bold Plans for Change

May 15, 2023
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The Gist: Fulton County continues to set the pace as a leading county in the nation, according to Chairman Robb Pitts’ State of the County address on May 10.

Pitts highlighted the county’s effective COVID-19 response, efforts to tackle health disparities, strides in mental health care, and electoral improvements, while acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead.

COVID and Closed Hospitals: Pitts praised Fulton’s citizens, stating that they make the county an ideal place to live, work, and make an impact. He lauded the county’s COVID-19 response, where over half a million vaccinations were administered, and significant aid was provided to small businesses and individuals facing eviction.

However, he also acknowledged a new health concern due to recent hospital closures in Central and South Fulton. To combat this, the county has partnered with the Morehouse School of Medicine to open a new primary care clinic and is working with Grady Hospital to establish two more clinics.

By The Numbers:

  • Over 500,000 COVID-19 vaccinations administered
  • $38 million provided in loans to small businesses
  • Rental assistance provided to over 10,000 people
  • $16 million per year invested in mental health initiatives
  • Two new clinics set to open in Central and South Fulton

Other Issues: Mental health care is a priority for the county, with initiatives including a new behavioral health crisis center, a mental health mobile unit, and the Fulton Cares Mobile App.

Pitts also highlighted Fulton’s leadership in electoral operations, with a new Elections Central hub set to streamline the process.

Other key investments were mentioned, such as the expansion of the Big Creek Water Treatment plant, funding for Tax Allocation Districts, a Tiny Homes pilot project for affordable housing, and an ambitious electric vehicle program.

What’s Next?: Looking ahead, public safety remains a primary concern for Fulton County. The county is debating the future of the Fulton County jail and working on clearing a backlog of court cases caused by the pandemic.

The Last Word: “One thing is for certain, the status quo is not working,” said the Chairman. “We still have much more to do.”

Go Deeper: The entire address can be viewed on the Fulton County YouTube channel.

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