DeKalb County Hosts Cleanup Day at the County’s First Wine Vineyard

July 25, 2023
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The Gist: This Saturday, Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson will be spearheading a hands-on cleanup workday at the promising Arabia Mountain Vineyard, DeKalb County’s first ever wine grape vineyard.

What Happened? Arabia Mountain Vineyard, nestled in the heart of Stonecrest, stands as the only wine grape vineyard in the metro Atlanta region. This 18-acre, family-owned enterprise doesn’t only grow grapes, it cultivates a tourist hot-spot drawing admirers from the state and across the nation.

This weekend, volunteers will have the chance to join Cochran-Johnson and the Vineyard team. Tasks? Think landscaping, cleaning, and tending to the grapes and vineyard. It’s not just about the hard work, though. Participants will also meet fellow agriculture enthusiasts and community members eager to learn about vinification.

“From the viewing station that overlooks the idyllic 18 acres to the careful crafting of nature trails, firepits, and waterfall, natural beauty abounds,” said Cochran-Johnson.

By The Numbers:

  • The Vineyard spans 18 acres, serving as a major draw for tourists.
  • Agriculture and tourism, boosted by the surge in agritourism and attractions like Arabia Mountain Vineyard, hold the top spots as Georgia’s economic generators.
  • The economic value of agritourism in the Georgia economy exceeds a whopping $12.2 billion.

Why It Matters: It’s a twofold victory, says Cochran-Johnson. The Vineyard serves not only Georgia’s tourism but also boosts Stonecrest’s drive for economic development. The goal? Retain, recruit and attract businesses that provide essential services and products for residents.

“The Arabia Mountain Vineyard is a win-win not only for Georgia but also the Stonecrest area… Our success in DeKalb hinges on bringing more businesses to the county but also providing needed services and products for our residents and consumers.”


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