The Sobering Reality Behind Georgia's Memorial Day: Deaths, DUIs and Traffic Disasters

The Sobering Reality Behind Georgia’s Memorial Day: Deaths, DUIs and Traffic Disasters


The Gist:
Memorial Day travel in Georgia turned deadly, with 16 lives lost in traffic accidents across the state during the long weekend. In a surge of incidents, over 200 individuals were injured, with law enforcement reporting almost 500 traffic crashes statewide.

What Happened?: Georgia State Patrol Troopers reported 11 fatal accidents during the holiday weekend, while local police departments registered another 5. The fatal incidents spanned a variety of locations, with the Cherokee County Police Department, Floyd County Police Department, Gwinnett County Police Department and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office all reporting fatalities.

By The Numbers:

  • 16 fatalities from traffic accidents
  • Over 200 individuals injured
  • Nearly 500 traffic crashes investigated
  • Close to 22,000 traffic stops made by Troopers and Motor Carrier Compliance Division Officers
  • Almost 400 arrests for driving under the influence
  • Nearly 16,000 warnings issued and over 13,000 citations given

Why It Matters: The high number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities during this holiday period highlight the dangers of the road during peak travel times, drawing attention to the importance of traffic safety measures.

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