How Old Is Stetson Bennett?

November 8, 2023
1 min read

Stetson Bennett, the American football quarterback currently with the Los Angeles Rams, was born on October 28, 1997. As of the latest available information, Bennett is 26 years old​. His career trajectory is quite noteworthy and parallels his personal growth from a young aspirant in the sport to a professional player in the NFL.

Before his professional career, Bennett had an impressive stint in college football, where he played for Jones College and then for the University of Georgia. His college career is especially remarkable given that he started as a walk-on at Georgia—a testament to his determination and skill, considering walk-ons are non-scholarship players who must try out for the team. This beginning set the stage for what would become a distinguished college career, eventually leading to his current professional status.

Bennett’s journey is also punctuated by his age relative to milestones such as the Heisman Trophy—college football’s highest honor—which he vied for in his mid-20s, an age by which many players have already transitioned to professional play​.

His nickname “the Mailman” also tells a story of his resilience and how he delivered results, despite the odds not always being in his favor. This background has shaped the player and person he has become, illustrating that age, while a simple statistic, also reflects the depth of experience and maturity a player brings to the field​.

Bennett’s age, relative to his peers, has been a subject of discussion, especially as he competes with and against players who are younger, the same age, or even older than him, in a sport where age can often influence performance and perception.

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