Roswell City Councilman Marcelo Zapata resigns after lengthy medical leave of absence

June 28, 2022
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ROSWELL — A Roswell City Councilman who was granted a medical leave of absence in January has resigned his post.

Roswell City Councilman Marcelo Zapata was granted the leave of absence for medical reasons on Jan. 24. The Mayor and city council have not released any additional details about the leave of absence out of respect for Zapata and his family’s privacy.

Below is a statement from Roswell Mayor Kurt Wilson on Zapata’s resignation.

“As Mayor, I want to take this time to announce to our residents an update on Councilmember Marcelo Zapata. As you know, over the past several months, Councilmember Zapata has been granted a medical leave of absence by the Mayor and Council. During this time of challenge for him and his family, the City has exhibited great compassion and understanding to him as we would any resident of our great City. We have now received from him and his family a notice of resignation from his duties as a Councilmember. The City will be forever grateful for his service as an elected member of the City Council, and we will acknowledge his outstanding service to the City in a more formal fashion soon. We continue to keep him in our prayers and wish him health and prosperity in the future. As the City has respected his privacy during the past several months, we hope that everyone in our community will respect his family’s privacy in the near future. We call on all Roswell residents to exemplify the virtues of compassion, love, and concern we collectively share with one another.”

Roswell Mayor Kurt Wilson

In a video message to the community, Wilson also shared information regarding next steps in filling Zapata’s post.

During their meeting on Monday, July 11, the city council will take a vote to add language for the election of a new council member to the November 2022 ballot.

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