Kemp Blames Unsecured Border for Laken Riley’s Murder on UGA Campus

February 25, 2024
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Kemp Blames Unsecured Border for Laken Riley's Murder on UGA Campus

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, in a letter to President Joe Biden, directly attributed the death of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student at Augusta University, to the broader issue of the immigration crisis and the federal government’s handling of it. Kemp’s letter delves into the implications of an “unsecured U.S. southern border,” emphasizing the strain it puts on state resources and the safety of its communities.

“Your actions and those of your administration have resulted in every state in the country experiencing the disastrous impacts of an unsecured U.S. southern border,” Kemp wrote.

The governor recounted the sequence of events leading to the apprehension of Venezuelan national Jose Antonio Ibarra, charged with the murder of Laken Riley, and the subsequent arrest of his brother, Diego Ibarra, on charges related to possessing fraudulent U.S. identification. Kemp criticized the decision to release Diego Ibarra back into the community while his asylum claims were being processed, despite previous arrests for various offenses.

Kemp’s letter questions the federal government’s communication and decision-making processes, asking, “Why was my administration not made aware of the asylum claims and subsequent release of an illegal resident who presented fraudulent identification?” He further inquires about Jose Antonio Ibarra’s immigration status and why this information has not been shared with state authorities.

The governor also revisited a previous collective request from governors for detailed data on illegal border crossings and the processing of asylum claims, expressing frustration over the lack of response: “Frankly, Mr. President, your continued silence in response to these reasonable requests is outrageous,” Kemp wrote.

Kemp called for urgent federal action to secure the border and prevent further tragedies like that of Laken Riley.

The letter concludes with a demand for the Biden administration to provide the necessary information for states to protect their citizens, emphasizing the role of federal responsibility in ensuring the safety of communities across the United States.

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