Camden County Sheriff’s Office Rescues Boater and Dog Near I-95 Bridge

December 24, 2023
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Camden County Sheriff's Office Rescues Boater and Dog Near I-95 Bridge

Late last night, a boating emergency unfolded near the Interstate 95 bridge in Camden County, prompting a swift response from the local Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit. A distressed boater, accompanied by his loyal canine companion, found himself in a precarious situation when his vessel lost power, leaving him adrift.

In a remarkable stroke of quick thinking, the boater managed to secure his boat beneath the bridge, preventing it from being carried further down the river. This act was crucial in ensuring his and his dog’s safety, as temperatures were plummeting and a forecast of rain loomed over the night.

Responding to the emergency call, the Marine Unit of the Camden County Sheriff’s Office acted promptly. The team, comprising Deputy Williams, Sgt. Duckworth, and Lt. Wellner, navigated the challenging conditions to reach the stranded duo. Their efficient and skillful operation ensured that both the man and his dog were safely extracted from the hazardous situation.

Once located, the boater and his dog were quickly transported back to the boat ramp.

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