Atlanta Foundation’s Luncheon Raises Over $1 Million for Women and Girls

November 10, 2023
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Atlanta Foundation's Luncheon Raises Over $1 Million for Women and Girls

The Atlanta Women’s Foundation has announced a significant milestone in their fundraising efforts for women’s and girls’ support in the metro Atlanta area. The “Numbers Too Big To Ignore” Luncheon, commemorating the foundation’s 25th anniversary, raised over one million dollars. The event highlighted critical issues facing women and girls in the community, driving discussions on economic empowerment and support for at-risk individuals.

The luncheon introduced the “All Girls Forward” initiative, aiming to empower girls in poverty. The initiative emphasizes enhancing education, health, and pregnancy prevention, along with continued support for women living in poverty through existing programs.

Kari B. Love, the AWF’s CEO, thanked attendees for their support, aligning with the event’s theme “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” Love emphasized the foundation’s ongoing commitment to addressing current challenges and expanding future efforts to aid in women and girls’ health, safety, and self-sufficiency.

The event was held at the Georgia World Congress Center’s Thomas Murphy Ballroom on November 2nd, featuring a dialogue with Brooke Shields, an actress known for her advocacy for women’s issues, moderated by WSB-TV anchor Linda Stouffer. Shields expressed a desire for women to be more heard and acknowledged in society.

LiveSafe Resources, a domestic violence shelter and resource in Cobb County, was celebrated with the 2023 “Sue Wieland Embracing Possibility Award” and a grant of $20,000. The award annually recognizes non-profits with a significant impact, spotlighting Macy Johnson as an exemplar of the positive outcomes facilitated by LiveSafe Resources’ services.

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